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Market Commentary - Q1 2023

Below is an excerpt containing this quarter's market commentary. To download a copy of our full quarterly newsletter, cl... Read more

04/18/23 | Birchbrook Team | Quarterlies

The Scammers Never Give Up!

Schwab has notified us that a new scam campaign has been launched against account holders. This one combines computer po... Read more

05/18/23 | Birchbrook Team | Boughs & Branches

A Bit About Bitcoin

The value of a single bitcoin has increased dramatically in just the past seven months. On September 1st, the price was ... Read more

03/27/21 | Birchbrook Team | Birchpapers

Reddit, Robinhood and Market Timing

The philosopher Rene Girard made a case for the existence of what he called “mimetic desire.” Essentially, he theorized ... Read more

02/27/21 | Birchbrook Team | Birchpapers

When Low Risk Isn’t Low Risk

Much has been made in the news lately about March marking the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, ... Read more

03/14/21 | Birchbrook Team | Birchpapers