The Birchbrook

At Birchbrook, we believe that communication and collaboration are the keys to guiding you to your best life. We want to get to know you, your goals, your concerns, and your needs. We will listen, and talk with you, not at you, to determine the steps to best meet your goals. We believe thinking outside the box is necessary to find creative solutions to complex financial issues. Finance is not a one size fits all mold.

Our firm was founded upon the values of integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and community. We live and breathe these values in every client relationship.

We are an independent registered investment advisor. With three Chartered Financial Analysts on staff, we make all investment decisions internally, after thorough research, analysis, and discussion, guided only by the best interests of our clients. No commissions, no products, no hidden fees. We invest in what’s right for you, not what’s right now.

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The Birchbrook team is here to help. With decades of client service and investment experience, our team’s strengths combine to serve our clients in every way we can.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Compliance Officer

Senior Advisor

Senior Portfolio Manager

Client Service Associate

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Roots that run deep

Our history

Birchbrook was founded over 25 years ago as an independent investment advisory firm serving the greater Bangor region. Birchbrook’s canopy has expanded over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and provide us with added opportunities to be of help to current and new clients.

We have extended beyond Maine’s borders, serving clients in multiple states across the country. In 2019, Founder Jean Deighan handed the reins over to Lucie Estabrook, Jennifer Eastman, and Jenifer Butler to carry on the legacy of Deighan Wealth Advisors.


As a 100% women-owned investment firm, Birchbrook combines the smart insights of our advisors with understanding, compassion, and concern for all our clients to create a cohesive, holistic team.

As an independent investment firm, we research and analyze all investment selections, meeting weekly to review and discuss, making collaborative decisions, always with the best interests of our clients as our guide.

Helping communities
grow & thrive


We believe that vibrant communities are built on the hard work and commitment of dedicated citizens. As individuals and as a company, we view community service as a priority and a privilege. Birchbrook is a longtime supporter of the arts, education, diversity initiatives, healthcare, and women’s and girls’ advocacy. Through our firm support and individual commitments, we are dedicated to helping our Maine communities grow and thrive.