How we help

Trust & Fiduciary Services

A thoughtful estate plan is a culmination of your hard work, your lifetime values, and your legacy for future generations. We want to understand the mechanics of your estate plan, as well as your values and goals that provide the foundation for your legacy. Let’s apply your plan to your assets and ensure that all the pieces fall into the right place.

Providing peace of mind

Birchbrook can serve as your Trustee or Personal Representative, or provide support to your named fiduciaries in the administration process. With over 40 years of experience in trust and estate administration, we offer a wide range of services to provide peace of mind for your estate goals.

  • Review and consultation of existing estate planning documents
  • Recommendation of strategies to meet your goals, including trust income planning, special needs trust planning, philanthropic goals, inheritance of retirement plan accounts, and estate tax considerations
  • Projection of income from inheritance, trust assets, and tax impacts on inherited retirement accounts
  • Fiduciary services including agent under power of attorney, personal representative, or trustee
  • Creative solutions for complex estate goals