How we help

Investment Management

Investment management is at the heart of what we do – which makes sense, because it’s been a specialty of ours for over 25 years. When working with us, you can expect a personalized investment plan that takes into account your unique situation, including your risk tolerance, return goals, and tax status, to name a few.

As fiduciaries, your best interest is always our top priority. Because we are independent and privately-owned, our investment recommendations are free from conflicts and they are entirely our own. We receive no transaction-based revenue, such as commissions or kick-backs, and our professionals perform all investment research in-house.

We focus on quality

Our philosophy is to take a well thought-out, measured approach with a focus on quality investments, such as large cap U.S. stocks and investment-grade bonds. We then supplement these core investments with other opportunities, such as small cap stocks, foreign stocks, high yield bonds, real estate, and alternatives as appropriate. Our aim is to create well-diversified, global portfolios that meet the risk and return goals of each client and that reflect current, accepted thinking both in industry and in academia.

Our discretionary portfolio management services include:
Investment policy statement (IPS) creation and review

  • Asset allocation and portfolio optimization
  • Security selection and monitoring
  • Tax-loss harvesting and asset location
  • Trading and rebalancing
  • Cash management and payment processing
  • The processing of in-kind gifts of shares
  • Reporting (transaction, holdings, performance, etc.)